Turbine over farmland

The Benefits of Wind Energy

With a double digit growth rate, wind energy is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world.  Drivers of this growth are that it is emission free, has an infinite fuel source, and is low cost. 

EMISSION FREE:  Energy derived from the wind is free of toxic emissions or hazardous waste. By using wind energy, we can reduce the amount of pollutant gases that are emitted from other generation sources, including carbon dioxide which is attributed to global warming.  As a result, we can be more responsible stewards of the environment and pass on a better world to our children.

INFINITE:  Unless the wind stops blowing, wind energy will be here forever, and we will never have to worry about running out of an energy source.  This benefit also translates in to increased energy security for our country and reduced dependence on for nations for our energy demand. 

LOW COST: In areas with superior wind resources, wind energy is one of the least expensive sources of power even when compared to traditional generation sources.  Given that there is no fuel cost to operate wind farms, they provide a natural hedge against volatile fossil fuel prices.  This benefit translates into more stable energy prices for consumers of electricity.

Considering these advantages, wind energy has become and will continue to be one of the most widely deployed renewable energy sources in the world. 





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